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Amiran Almas Energy

Amiran Almas Energy Industrial Business Group has been established in July 2015 and mainly works on Petrochemical projects in certain areas. It’s been improving gradually and expanding its work in different part of the country.

A Safe Investment

Amiran Almas Energy is an experienced company with successful investments in different projects. It is a great chance to participate in current or future projects and invest your money in a safe place. Contact us to exactly know about our plans in detail.

How we got thriving ?!

The first step to being successful is to devise a cunning plan to start work. We have also been trying to employ qualified employees to do the tasks perfectly and train them if needed. It has additionally been vital to insist upon strict discipline throughout our work to meet all the standards we want.

Amiran Almas Energy’s primary petrochemical products

Desulfurization of Mazut Project

The release of sulfur contained in oil and oil products in the air leads to serious crises for the environment.


Using as a conditioner in some cooling equipment such as refrigerators and coolers.


Supplement for the production of various petrochemical products such as Raw materials of all kinds of plastics and synthetic fibers.

Polyamide (66)

The main features of this grade are suitable mechanical properties, high strength and hardness, resistance to wear and easy molding and production.

Polystyrene F300

Expanded styrene is used in the production of cryogenic insulation in industrial refrigerators, all kinds of packaging foams, and sound and thermal insulation in different places.


This material is the most widely used in the construction industry. Other uses of this material are in CNC machining and plastic injection, the clothing industry, and 3D printing.

The projects other than Petrochemical

Iran Insurance Representative

LAICO Sleep Products Representative

Future Plans…

Amiran Almas Energy plans to expand its work into neighboring countries or even Europe since it meets international quality standards.

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